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About Us

Current Zipblock Partnership Information

zipblocks inventor ray cables
Zipblocks inventor Ray Cables

Hello everyone, my name is Ray Cables and I invented Zipblocks. I live in Fort Mill, SC and I have been working on getting Zipblocks to market for several years now. I have developed lots of proprietary mold technologies, produced a number of innovative products, have three patents, and have established a few business partnerships.

wadbalomay healthybuilt zipblocks industry investment co. ltd. partners
Wadbalomay Healthybuilt Zipblocks Industry Investment Co. Ltd. Partners

In this picture from left to right are Ron Suttle, Ray Cables, and Ismail Wadbalomay. This picture was taken in September of 2011. At the time that this picture was taken three entities (Wadbalomay Investment & Trading Co. Ltd., Healthybuilt Technologies Llc., and Zipblocks) entered into a partnership and formed Wadbalomay Healthybuilt Zipblocks Industry Investment Co. Ltd.

Ismail wadbalomay at far right
Ismail Wadbalomay at far right

Ismail lives in Saudi Arabia. Ismail became interested in Zipblocks after he visited the Zipblocks web page a few years back. Ron and I have visited with Ismail a few times. Ismail is a very hard working businessman that has interests in quite a diverse number of areas. Here is a link to his web page iwadbalomay.com.

ron suttle at far right
Ron Suttle at far right

Ron lives in Savannah, GA. Just as with Ismail, Ron became interested in Zipblocks after visiting the Zipblocks web site. I met Ron a number of years prior to this photo, back when he sought to license Zipblocks. Over the years Ron and I (Ray) have become both friends and partners. Ron is an expert in polyurethane technologies as well as in construction.

Current Capabilities and Direction

The proprietary mold technologies that we have developed are what has allowed us to create an amazing suite of hybrid polyurethane foam building products.

We design and create our own molds using CAD, 3D Printing, and a host of other proprietary processes.

Currently we are producing products via our third generation of molds. The experience of creating three generations of molds has provided us with the experience and knowledge required to create products that have consistent specifications, precise tolerances, and professional appearances.

Zipblocks are very similar to toy building bricks. To date we have focused on our core “brick.” In the near future we intend to make Zipblock products that will compliment our current product suite.

Zipblocks are presently not being manufactured. We are actively seeking partnerships that will enable us to bring Zipblock products to market. Please contact us if you are interested in a Zipblock partnership.