Zipblocks has researched and developed some amazing building material technologies.

We design and create our own proprietary molds using CAD, 3D Printing and innovative PU raw materials.

By utilizing modern mold release formulations we can cast and release Zipblock parts with amazing precision and mass production efficiency.

Currently we are producing Zipblocks via our third generation mold design. This experience has provided us with the foundation required to create a product with consistent specifications, precise tolerances and a professional appearance.

Zipblocks are very similar to toy building bricks. To date we have focused on our core "brick." In the near future we intend to make Zipblock components that serve other functions I.e. curved components, additional materials, creative surfaces, designer colors and architectural features.

We are seeking a investor/partner with the interest, vision and means to help us advance to the step in our growth, build a manufacturing facility and help setup national and international product distribution. Our passion in creating Zipblocks is driven by our experience and enthusiasm for the benefits Zipblocks can bring to the industry.We have experienced people asking for Zipblocks but cannot serve the demand with our currently limited production capability.

Our personal research shows that Zipblocks has global applications in solving the need for a rapidly growing world.

Please contact us if you are interested in a Zipblocks partnership.




Prior to making Zipblocks out of urethane foam we made Zipblocks out of wood. The top-left picture shows a go-kart made out of blocks. The center picture shows a Zipblock beam getting tested. On the right is a wall-unit made out of Zipblocks.