21st Century Construction

We find that even after centuries of building things, especially homes, our expectations often (always) seem to go another direction. We crave predictability and are met with unforeseen cost overruns, measurement inaccuracies and unanticipated delays for unexplained reasons. The ZipBlock methodology virtually guarantees getting the framing, the core, the vital skeleton of the structure built on time, as designed and on budget. One type of conventional construction is the PreFab, which we like to call with ZipBlock construction SiteFab. Similar benefits yet Better - Faster - Greener.


Environmentally Responsible: We use Renewable Resource and/or Recycled Materials
Safe: ZipBlocks have a Class 1 Fire Rating - Provides High Wind Protection - Blowing/Rising Water Protection - and with our optional exterior coatings ZipBlock walls can withstand a 45 caliber bullet at 18"
Healthy: High Indoor Air Quality
Cost Effective: LowOperational & Maintenance Cost
Energy Efficient: Low Utility Bills - Comfortable Living Environment
Green Materials: No VOC's or CFC's - including some Agricultural Based Material components


Design Approval to Move-in can be as little as 30 days
Especially Suitable for Volume Production Projects with our In-Plant Production process
Manufacturing and On-site Installation Quality Control at every stage
Perimeter Walls can be set up in one day, the Roof System on the second day in most cases


ZipBlocks contain No Combustable Materials used in Manufacturing or Installation
Up to 35 LEED Units available per building unit
No Manufacturing or on-site Construction Waste
Low Energy Consumption during manufacture and installation
On Schedule Installation eliminates manpower waste and reduced efficiency
Pre-determined Performance Goals Guaranteed
Green Exterior Coatings Available in a variety of finishes, textures and colors

ZipBlock construction begins with coordination with your architect, builder or from an existing plan. ZipBlocks can be used in 4" or 6" wall sections of any height with or without openings for windows and doors. They also can be used for infill or curtain walls in light-guage or red iron steel frame construction of any size. Residential structures can utilize self-supporting ZipBlocks technology for up to three stories in a post and beam configuration with concrete/rebar support. Typically one would use 6” for floor one and 4” for floor two and three. Four inch ZipBlock walls typically can be used for small structures with low load requirements.



Layout and mark the perimeter of the structure on your foundation. Place and interlock the ZipBlocks until they are 9' high for an 8' ceiling. Notice that the grid pattern on the outside of these blocks indicates a 4" x 4" pattern. This grid makes construction simple when it comes to figuring out how many blocks you need for a job and for positioning attachments such as siding, drywall, roof trusses, doors and windows.

ZipBlock components are manufactured in a climate controlled factory with state of the art production systems and processes. Strict quality control insures all components will fit together to meet local and International Building Codes, design and performance requirements. LEED Certification is easy with ZipBlocks. Our motto is Better – Faster – Greener and we stand behind in every aspect of our business.



ZipBlocks are primarily used to build what we call the “Green Core” which are perimeter walls. These walls often determine the environmental performance requirements of the structure based on climate and usage. Other materials, of course, may be used for interiors, roofs, decorative touches and architectural finishes. ZipBlocks are compatible with conventional windows and doors, cabling, plumbing, interior finishes such as drywall, paint, paneling, special shapes, stairwells etc. Exterior options include siding, paint specialty coatings etc.


We are currently developing ZipBlocks Panels that can be utilized as complete interlocking walls and/or attachments to conventional ZipBlocks. ZipBlock Panels will be manufactured in standard industry dimensions as well as custom configurations as required.

ZipBlocks are ICF’s and are not ICF’s. The concept is similar to conventional Insulated Concrete Forms yet much much better in installation speed, cost, performance and looks. As required we also can fill ZipBlock cavities with concrete or other materials such as sand, aerated concrete, spray foam, loose fill cellulose or fiberglass.




Worldwide Need for Better - Faster - Affordable Housing


"International development charity Habitat for Humanity estimates that nearly one out of every four people in the world live in substandard housing. Homelessness affects 100 million people, it said."


"The United Nations says that 1 Billion people - almost a third of the global urban population live in slums, and that could double by 2045."


"Natural disaster displaced over 40 million people in 2010, half that number in 2014, according to Switzerland-based agency the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre."


"There is considerable pressure on society to build more good quality houses and shelters quickly and cost-effectively." 


Urethanes Technology International magazine February/March 2016 



ZipBlocks construction is ideally suited for volume production of stand alone structures such as single family homes, garages, storage buildings, workshops and agricultural buildings. Also, Medium to Large commercial and industrial buildings that require a large number of ZipBlocks are particularly applicable to our manufacturing process.


The typical ZipBlocks manufacturing facility consists of raw materials (chemicals) storage, mold filling operations, product de-molding area, mold cleaning, product cure/storage shelving and office space. A minimum 10,000 sq. ft. building is recommended. Our single production line can produce enough ZipBlocks to build an approximately 1500 sq. ft. structure per 8 hour shift. Increased production can easily added with a second shift and/or additional mold filling machinery. Finished ZipBlocks can be easily handled in-plant and delivery to the job site with lightweight vehicles/trailers.

A start-up facility can be staffed by eight administrative, production and delivery personnel. Our manufacturing partner program includes all equipment for manufacturing, storage and installation. Our factory partners will supply, employees, sales/marketing activities and materials, delivery equipment ie vehicles, in an approved building. We provide complete marketing, sales, manufacturing and installation training plus follow-on support.


Our business opportunity is tailored for each market area such as a full manufacturing partner, product licensing, product dealer/distributor, stocking builder and building installer plans. Please contact us for more information.



ZipBlock structures are cost effective and compared with conventional construction materials, techniques and performance less expensive. ZipBlocks do not require extensive construction skills or experience yet meet International and local building codes when properly installed. Also speed of construction permits a builder to complete more projects on budget and on time. ZipBlocks are very well suited to the Do It Yourself market. We plan to offer standard building plans which can be ordered on-line, all core materials shipped to the job site, and if requested, a ZipBlock trained installation manager can be used.


ZipBlock structures can be designed to be built on a mobile frame. ZipBlocks are significantly lighter in weight than conventional construction materials all while meeting or exceeding performance specifications including safety, environmental and quality.



ZipBlock structures can be designed and built to be assembled and disassembled onsite. Our proprietary interlocking technology permits the structure to be dimensionally stable, safe for temporary occupancy, yet can be easily transported to a new location. This is especially useful for temporary event structures such as food coolers, dressing rooms, sleeping rooms, restrooms, security building (jails) construction offices, military communications, shipboard use and many more.



ZipBlocks produce no waste during manufacture or onsite installation. ZipBlocks can also be ground up and used a filler material in soil, walls, attics, floats due to its insulation, flotation components. It is essentially fireproof meeting Class 1 Fire Specifications and contains no combustible materials. ZipBlocks essentially has no end of life specification. ZipBlock raw materials contains agricultural and or recycled components depending on block requirements.



ZipBlocks can be used in small structures, single family homes, multi-family buildings, commercial and industrial buildings, high-rise buildings and many other applications. We can manufacture a wide variety of block sizes, shapes, materials, textures, colors and performance criteria. Please contact us with your requirements so that we may attempt to meet your needs.




Q. How do ZipBlocks attach to the foundation or floor system?

A. At each corner and at 4' intervals a threaded rod is connected to an anchor bolt embedded in the foundation. The rod sits above the top block, a metal plate runs along the top of the wall with a hole for the rod. A washer and nut is attached and tensioned to hold the wall sections to the foundation. At each roof truss point an L-shaped clip is attached to the rod and the truss is bolted to the clip. A floor system is similar except the bottom of the rod is securely attached to the floor frame.

Q. Are ZipBlocks fire proof?

A. ZipBlocks meet Class 1 fire rating.

Q. What type of roofs are best for ZipBlocks?

A. Most any conventional roofing framing and material is suitable for Zipblock structures. We are planning to manufacture Zipblock Roofs in the near future.

Q. What is the R value of the blocks?

A. Each block has an average R value of 23.