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Modular Building Applications

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Overview of Zipblock Modular Building Applications

Our modular building systems can be used to build walls, insulated concrete forms, go kart frames, tables, bookcases, play houses, desks, storage bin organizers, signs, planters, wall units, and many other things. Zipblocks are like giant-toy-building-bricks. You can build just about anything that you want to with Zipblocks, so long as the blocks are made from appropriate materials.

It’s true that Zipblocks can be used to build almost anything out of almost anything. This is possible because Zipblocks can be made from wood, metal, rigid or soft polyurethane foams, etc. Zipblocks don’t care what they are made out of. Wood, metal, or foam Zipblocks all work the same. Blocks made from different materials all zip together just as smoothly as a zipper – and that’s why we call them Zipblocks!

When you build with Zipblocks your creations are fully interlocked and not simply stacked. Whatever you build will stay together and not fall apart!