Build A Modular Desk

Modular Desk Made From Fully Interlocking Modular Building Blocks

modular desk
Modular desk

We built this modular desk out of our modular building blocks so that we could illustrate yet another example of what can be accomplished with our modular building systems. Telling people about all the wonderful things that you can do with Zipblocks only goes so far. Showing people what you can do with Zipblocks goes a lot further. Zipblocks are not presently being manufactured yet and we need to start getting the word out in regards to what you can do with Zipblocks! The more examples that we can show, the easier it will be to convince people that Zipblocks are the greatest thing since peanut butter!

Concerns Prior To Building Desk

Before putting our desk together, we were somewhat skeptical about how it would perform. Because our modular desk was to be made from urethane foam we were a bit worried about how sturdy and strong it would be. We were also worried that our desk would too light. The idea of creating a wobbly desk that was light enough for the wind to blow around was worrisome.

Movie that shows modular desk being assembled

Post Building Desk – Concerns Unwarranted

After putting our desk together, we were very relieved because none of our worries came true. In fact, we were very surprised at how sturdy our desk was. The way that our blocks are designed kept our desk from being a wobbly mess. When our blocks are slid into place tiny cam-like extrusions draw our building blocks together and consequently eliminate any play between adjoining blocks. Our blocks worked with perfection and our desk was sturdy and not at all wobbly.

In regards to the weight of our desk. Well, our desk was light, but this turned out to be a very big plus because one person can easily lift it up and move it around to wherever it was needed. Unlike a heavy wooden that must be drug across the floor by one person or picked up by two people, our modular foam desk was very light and easy to move. It would be nice if all furniture were this easy to move.

Lack of Finish on Desk Makes It Ugly and Not Ideal to Write On

Our unfinished desk was ugly. The blocks used to build it were all simple, plain, and unfinished polyurethane foam blocks. Also, if you wrote on this desk with a single sheet of paper, whatever you wrote would most certainly be imprinted into the foam blocks as well. If Zipblocks were being manufactured, we could solve this problem by simply using blocks that had a hard finish on them. Unfortunately going to the store and buying “the right” Zipblocks was not an option. So, we simply decided to apply a finish to our desk.

ugly unfinished modular desk
Ugly unfinished modular desk

Applying Finish To Modular Desk Is Easy

Applying the finish to our ugly desk was easy to do. All the panels used to cover the blocks were cut to dimensions that were simply some multiple of 4-inches because we used 4-inch foam blocks. Toggler high-performance drywall anchors made short work of securing the cut paneling to the foam. Finally, some screw cap covers were used to hide our screws.

Discussion about applying finish to the modular desk

Applied Finish Makes Desk Look Presentable and Enhances Strength Further

Applying the finish to our desk transformed it.  It turned from hideous to something that looks simple, modern, and modular. The desk is rather plain looking though, and is not fancy at all. This is because our modular desk was deliberately designed this way. At the time that we made our desk the only blocks in stock were a limited supply of prototype blocks.

The applied finish also made our modular desk even sturdier and stronger than it was before. The desk feels like it has around 50% the strength of a plastic coated polyurethane foam beverage cooler. To make our desk just as strong as a cooler we would have to create a plastic shell with the dimensions of our desk and then fill it with foam. The way a cooler is made does more for its strength then do the materials that it is made from.