Build A Modular Wall Unit

Modular Wall Unit

homemade wall unit
Homemade wall unit

Prior to developing molds for polyurethane foam and subsequently creating polyurethane foam blocks, we made lots of 2-inch wooden blocks because they are relatively easy and inexpensive to make. We built this custom wall unit out of basic blocks. It only takes around 30 minutes assemble it.

Was it hard to build? Absolutely not. Building this wall unit is just as simple as sticking a few toy-construction bricks together. Not to mention that it is actually fun to build things with Zipblocks. It is, after all, very rewarding to be able to work with a product that instantly allows you to build anything that you want.

Let’s say that you wanted to create your very own custom wall unit in your living room that covered an entire wall from floor to ceiling. Let’s assume that your wall is 20 feet long and 12 feet tall. Can you imagine how much it would cost you if you walked into your local home supply center and ordered a custom-made-wall-unit? It would probably cost you a fortune in both labor and materials. Now picture yourself walking into the same store and ordering a Zipblock kit, having the kit delivered to you home, and then building your very own wall unit all in a days time. The cost would of course be much less and you would have a custom wall unit that you designed and built all by yourself. This would indeed be a much more rewarding experience.

What we just spoke about is more than ideal. What’s more is that when you build with Zipblocks and you make a mistake. No problem. Just disassemble your mistake and fix it. Moving to another home and the living room is smaller? Again, no problem. Just disassemble your wall unit, ship it to your new home, and when you get there build another custom wall unit that suits to your needs.

You know, the great thing about these blocks is that you can build just about anything with them. Imagine how much fun you could have building some really cool workbenches in your garage or putting up some giant shelves in there. How about building a dog house for your dog or a playhouse for your child or a closet organizer?

You see there are simply countless things that you can build with our blocks and if you ever get tired of what you built. Well, just break it down and use your blocks for something else! Zipblocks are essentially a product that never loses its value or usefulness.

Hey. The power went out and there is a snowstorm outside. No problem. Just break down those Zipblock shelves in the garage and use them for firewood. They make excellent logs. After the storm is over just pickup a few new ones at the store and fix the shelf.

One last comment about the wall unit shown in the above picture…the holes you see can be covered up by snapping finishing boards onto them.