Modular Building Block Construction

Modular Building Blocks

polyurethane foam block wall
Polyurethane foam block wall

This picture shows a corner section of a wall that was that was built using Zipblock interlocking polyurethane foam blocks. The simplicity of the Zipblocks system makes building walls an easy process.

Note: These blocks can easily be used to build single story structures. Three-pound foam is rated at around 50-lbs-per-square-inch. Five-pound foam is rated at around 100-lbs-per-square-inch. The blocks illustrated here were created using our second generation of molds (we have since moved on to a third generation of molds that produce higher quality parts) and their foam density is about five-pounds-per-cubic-foot. Once a desired wall height is reached, a steel plate is placed along the length of the topmost blocks (the lugs get cutoff before placing the steel plate), the plate is compressed downward with threaded rod that gets anchored into a cement foundation, and then you can drop roof trusses on top of the steel plate.