Build A Modular Playhouse

Modular Playhouse

homemade playhouse construction
Homemade playhouse construction

The playhouse shown here is just under six feet tall and was built using wooden Zipblocks. Ideally Zipblocks for use with children would probably be made from more child friendly materials like foam, rubber, or plastic. This playhouse can easily be built in less than an hour. If you click on the movie you can watch the entire playhouse being constructed in just a few seconds.

Building a playhouse with Zipblocks is piece of cake. All that is required is good imagination and lots of Zipblocks. If you wanted to, you could build a playhouse with several rooms or one that is several stories high. The limit to what you can build is only limited by the number of blocks that you have and what they are made from.

Imagine how much fun a child would have building their very own playhouse. What kind of playhouse would they build? Allowing a child to build a playhouse from scratch is a great way for them to have fun and it promotes creative thinking.