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Our Modular Building Products Have Hybrid Capabilities

hybrid building system example
Hybrid building system example

Our modular building products allow seamless block and panel connectivity. Hence our modular building system is a hybrid system as it is not exclusive to just panels or blocks. Our system allows you to use blocks or panels whenever and wherever you want to use them. Try to find another modular building system that can do this! This feature alone sets us way ahead of our competitors.

All of our modular building panels are “female” when they are manufactured. A female panel side can quickly be converted to a male panel side by installing lug inserts. A lug insert is shown resting on the table in front of the panel.

In this picture the female side of the block is engaged with the male side of the panel. The male side of the block could just as easily have been engaged with a female side of the panel.

As you browse our modular building products keep in mind that you have the freedom to use blocks and panels interchangeably. To save time and money you’ll want to use panels for large areas and blocks around windows and openings.