Factory In A Garage
We are working out of a small workshop and have a limited number of molds therefore the number of different products illustrated on this page is limited. When we advance to the next phase of our business we will setup our first factory and will be able to produce Zipblocks in quantity as well as develop additional Zipblock products.

Zipblocks - Garage

Zipblocks - Products - Four-Inch-ICF-Zipblocks

Four Inch ICF style Zipblocks
Standard stock for this block measures 8' x 4" x 4". This ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) style block has grooves on the top of it. The grooves allow plastic inserts to be embedded between blocks so that rebar can easily be placed and secured into wall cavities. Not all applications will require filling block cavities with concrete or other materials.
Video: How 4-inch ICF Zipblocks work.

Butterfly Keys
Butterfly keys are used to lock to lock blocks together.
Video: How butterfly keys work.

Zipblocks - Prodcuts - Butterfly-Key

Zipblocks - Products - Key-Stick

Key Sticks
Key Sticks are used to interlock blocks together or to join sections of blocks together.
Video: How key sticks work