Insulated Concrete Forms

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF’s)

insulated concrete form
Insulated concrete form

With the addition of some plastic inserts our modular blocks can instantaneously be used to create ICF’s or insulated concrete forms.

When used as ICFs our system offers a lots of advantages over traditional ICF systems.

Here are some of the advantages that Zipblock insulated concrete forms offer:

  • Speed – Our blocks come in lengths of up to 8 feet.
  • Ability to Traverse Long Spans – Because our blocks come in length of up to 8 feet and the fact that they fully interlock, you can easily assemble blocks over large areas like a garage door opening without supports being in place. Concrete supports get placed later, after all your blocks are in place.
  • Fire Proof – Most ICF systems are made from polystyrene, which burns. Our system is made from polyurethane foam, which does not burn.
  • Virtually Zero Waste – Using our toy-brick-like system you simply build the walls as if you are using toy bricks. Different block lengths are achieved by cutting longer blocks into smaller blocks. When you cut a block in two, you create two complete but yet smaller blocks.
  • Extreme Precision – Just as with toy-building-brick-systems our blocks assemble with extreme precision and stability.
  • Perfect Grid – The blocks in this picture are 4-inch blocks. If you were to build a wall with them you would see a 4-inch grid across the entire wall.
  • Ability To Prebuild Home Components In A Warehouse – Because our blocks fully interlock, you can build out large wall sections in a controlled environment, away from the chaos of a work site. Complete wall sections can simply be delivered to the site.
  • Cost – Unlike other ICF systems, the blocks used in our ICF system are NOT limited to ICF use. Our blocks can be be used to build all sorts of home furnishings and other things. This means that there is a broader market for our product. If a broader market gets leveraged, we should be able to reduce production costs. Also worth mentioning is the fact that the molds used to produce are product are very low cost.
  • Far Less Cutting – With traditional ICFs you have to measure and then cut. With our blocks you slice blocks in two at the 4-inch marks. After an entire wall structure has been created you can then calibrate the dimensions of openings using strips of solid foam, wood, or other materials.
  • Insulation – Most ICF systems are made from polystyrene. Polyurethane foam is a better insulator. Our blocks are made from polyurethane foam.
  • Less Concrete Blow Outs – Our blocks fully interlock and don’t simply stack like all other existing ICF systems. Our blocks don’t suffer from the natural proclivity to come apart when under pressure.
  • Less Room For Error – This goes back to the fact that our system is like a toy-building-brick-system. It’s hard to mess things up when everything fits perfectly. Added to this is the fact that as you erect your walls, you’ll see a perfect 4-inch grid on it.