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Modular Building Connectors

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Polyurethane Foam Lug Inserts

polyurethane foam lug insert
Polyurethane foam lug insert

This picture shows what a plain polyurethane block looks like before lug inserts are added and then what the block looks like after the lug inserts are added. As can be seen in this illustration, converting part sides from male to female is very simple. The simple manner in which Zipblocks products interlock with each other can save a lot of time and prevent headaches at a job site.

polyurethane foam lug inserts
Polyurethane foam lug inserts

The left and right wall panels are identical with the exception that the right polyurethane foam panel has polyurethane foam lug inserts inserted into it. The lug inserts embedded into the right panel have effectively created a male panel side that can easily be interlocked with any of the female panel sides on the left panel. Note that the inserted lugs do not obstruct access to the chases that run thru our panels.

polyurethane foam lug inserts
Polyurethane foam lug inserts

This picture shows two polyurethane foam wall panels that are joined together by polyurethane foam lug inserts.

The panels in this picture are very small as they only measure 2-feet-by-2-feet.

Larger panels that measure 8-feet-by-4-feet can just as easily be joined together with lug inserts.

hybrid building system example
Hybrid building system example

This picture illustrates why our system is hybrid. It shows a polyurethane foam block attached directly to a polyurethane foam wall panel. Try finding another modular building system that can do this!

All of our panels are “female” when they are manufactured. A female panel side can quickly be converted to a male panel side by installing lug inserts. A lug insert is shown resting on the table in front of the panel.

In this picture female side of the block is engaged with the male side of the panel. The male side of the block could just as easily have been engaged with a female side of the panel.