In September of 2011 Wadbalomay Investment & Trading Co. Ltd., Healthybuilt Technologies Llc., and Zipblocks entered into a partnership and formed Wadbalomay Healthybuilt Zipblocks Industry Investment Co. Ltd.

In this picture from left to right are Ron Suttle, Ray Cables , and Ismail Wadbalomay.



This picture was taken in 2012 at a regional construction trade show in Oman.

Ismail is at the far left in this picture.

Ismail is chatting with some of his business contacts.



This picture was also taken at the 2012 trade show in Oman.

Ron is at the right speaking with some of Ismail's contacts in Oman.




This picture was taken in Jeddah 2011. Ismail, Ray and Ron meet with the Royal Architect in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.